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Exam results

Magyar Assacra Danitty - ability test, I.prize, nose 4 and third place overall

Dachshund Alfabeta Vives Bohemia- ability test, I.prize, with full points and generally located on the 3rd place

 Magyar Arthur Vives Bohemia - autumn exam (filed) - I.prize, nose 4 fourth

Power of all congratulations and thank you for your presentation!


HD results

Andělka Vives Bohemia - HD A

Benny Vives Bohemia - HD A


International dog show Prague

Alfabeta Vives Bohemia - excellent 1, CAJC

Cranberry Vives Bohemia  - excellent

Dollar Vives Bohemia - very promissing 1


Memorial of V. Soukup (ability test CACT)

Arthur Vives Bohemia - I.price, Res. CACT!


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