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Ennie start her season ....

2012-07-10 18.01.56  Beruška Avoir du Nez started her season earlier then we think. So a few days we will travel to her "husband". More about litter A of welshes ...


Mating Drix X Jenen

1187271 555224434585030 987756497 n  More info about thismating here. 




Mating vizslas: Art and Fida

1236149 232674396882744 2040178766 n Very interesting litter preapre in kennl "Od Nupacké tvrze". More info here.


Jarní svod - Žilina


The first kynoligical action was this sathurday. The "jarní svod" of hunting dogs. All our young dogs all ok.

Srbové, foxlík Slávek a german draahaar Edir come trough.





Great success at Slovakia


Champions of chamions and Victory show at Nitra:
Nord Jokran - CAC, Victory Winner, Best in group! Champion of champions at hunting dogs! The most sympatic dog!

International dog show DuoNitra- 2 x CAC, 1 x Res. CACIB

Nord is a Champion of Slovakia!

Benny Vive Bohemia:
Champion of champions - exc 1, CAC, Victory Winner TOP 8 in BIG
MVP DuoNitra - exc 1, exc 1, CAC Res CACIB!

Fréa Vives Bohemia (10months) - exc 3/8, exc 1 CAJC/4


Dollar Vives Bohemia- CAC, VDH, CACIB a BOB! At sunday CAC, VDH CACIB! Moc gratulujeme!

Thanks to all freinds ....



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