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Intercanis Brno - international dog show



Ornella Tergy - excellent 2, Res. CAC, Res. CACIB 

Adar Vives Bohemia - excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIB

                                    Czech champion

Arthur Vives Bohemia - excellent 1, CAC

Aika Vives Bohemia - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB


Aika Vives Bohemia on Cup of Český les


Ajka with Honzou (Od Jestřábí tvrze kennel) - the first day on the BZH foxterrier gained 244b., and the title CACT in I.prize . Overall, ranked fourth place out of 10 dogs. The next day on the BZ with111body, I.prize, CACT title and again won 3rd place out of 10 dogs. Overall, the cup placed 3rd place overall and first in the terriers. This success Aika fulfilled conditions for Czech Champion work.


Club show - Pardubice


This staturday with our welshspringer Ennie (Beruška Avoir du Nez) attended club show. In hot weather the Ennie by strict English referee in working class got Excellent 3 with nice judgment. We also completed a mandatory measure and count the teeth. Also in "excellent" - hazel eyes, height 46 cm, scissors and a full set of teeth.


! Prepare litter D of foxterriers smooth !


This week we went to cover the top female  Petty Tuskulum Petty, who was lended per litter in our kennel. We also groom chose work - finally we chose the proven all-round dog Asparagus Vives Bohemia, which is from our kennel. From this litter, we expect a high quality exterior and especially top talent for the job. Both parents have voice 4 . Voice we have also verified the previous generation. In confirmation of pregnancy Petty will be hoping for about 3 weeks. Seriously interested in a puppy from this combination can contact us. More info here.


New pictures


Adding a new batch of fotos of our small ladies commandos. Females and thrive beautifully Queenka is exemplary mother. All the girls stare timidly and begin to wander after lair. We still have a free one brindle female.  Potential candidates can contact us. More info here. 


Special show of KCHHMO


Bona z Králova dvora, - Winner of special show 

Aladár Danitty - CAC

Ayiee Danitty - ecellent 4


International dog show Litoměřice


Alfabeta Vives Bohemia - excellnet 1, CAJC

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