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Pregnancy confirmed

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Our serbian hound Buba is preganat. Puppies will be about 10  days.

Our hungarian vizsla Dixie z Héku is pregant too. Litter L will be at the beginning of August.



Dog show Náměšť na Hané


Club show Klubu chovatelů německých krátkosrstých ohařů
Pradellinensis Volga - excellent 1/14, CAJC
Rebeka z Czarnego dworu -excellent, breeding candidate

Special show Klubu chovatelů hrubosrstých a maďarských ohařů
Bardotte Bertoni Prague - excellent 2, res.CAC, New Czech champion
Vinnie Stella Venandi - very good 3
Choice Vives Bohemia - very good, breeding candidate
Joy Vives Bohemia - very good
Gabbana Vives Bohemia - very good, breeding candidate



Club show of Czech hound club


On Sunday we went to Club show our hounds. Parade event, excellent organization and friendly atmosphere ... we certainly were not here the last time :-)

Results also super.

JWW'15 Ch.Best Staroplaninski - excellent, CAC, Winner of Club show
Sisko from Cetinskog Vuk - excellent, CAC, BOJ, BOB and JBIS !!!



We mated ...

1 We took a trip to Hungary for mating our Irena. Everything went as it should. For both it was the "first time" and they behaved as professionals and it was very quick action. We hope that in about three weeks we confirm pregnancy, and we will rejoice puppies from this mainly working litter....More info here. 




New photos of small dachshunds


Here you can see the last pictures of our litter H. One male is available. Contact us!

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