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Dachshund puppies

15 Today Ornella born her our litter CH. We have a 3 boys and 2 girl. All puppies are very nice, litter is balanced. First pictures here.


CAIB Nitradog 

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The first weekend of December we stayed as usual with friends on Slovakia on our favorite show in Nitra and in thermal pools Podhajska ...

Again nice weekend full of fun, wellness ... gastranomia send out to the Super Results .... well, just about everything :).



Best Staroplaninski - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB a BIG II! Dokončen šampion SK.

Vinnie Stella Venandi - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Jaquelline Vives Bohemia - excellent 1/5, CAJC, top 5 about JBIG

Bastien Vives Bohemia - excellent 1/3, CAC

our progeny:

Gucci Vives Bohemia - výborný 1/3, CAC

Jagger Vives Bohemia - výborný 2/5


And Best breeding group - 2nd place!



Vinnie Stella Venandi - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Jaquelline Vives Bohemia - excellent 1/5, CAJC

Bastien Vives Bohemia - excellent 2/2, Res.CAC

naši odchovánci:

Gucci Vives Bohemia - excellent 1/2, CAC

Jagger Vives Bohemia - excellent 2/5


Thank you all for a great weekend and congratulations. For handling Vinn Sunday in the final competition thanks to Tereza Šubertova and Martina Travníčková for foto :)

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