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We have a litter of English Springer Spaniels! The male and female to enter. More info here.

We Hungarian vizsla! The male to enter. More info here.

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Small sprigers

IMG 0491 Slowly grow our small spaniels. Heree you will find the first "show standing". It seems that grow in beauty and we hope to follow in the footsteps of their parents ... in terms of work and exterior. From this litter we are still free female and male.


New pictuers of vizslas :-)

IMG 0601 Vizslas grow nicely. They have deworming and it is nice, so I cheerfully raging outside. Litter looks very nice. More info about this attractive foreign connection here. New pictures can be found here. 



All-roud test Chanovice


This weekend we went on All-round test organized OMS Klatovy. The weekend was cool, successful and our pack has grown by two more versatile hunters. Thus we present:

Brood bitch "U" Bardotte Bertoni Prague and stud dog "U" Norda Jokran.


Prepare litter H :-)

LitterG This week mated our Ambry and Yankee. Everything was absolutely professional and we hope that in about three weeks we will know the glad tidings of the upcoming litter H:-).


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