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New Year a Winter show 2016 Nitra


The second weekend in January went to Slovakia, and again presented our two girls. We succeeded and the both girls finished Slovak champion!

Kappahegyi Édes (mezitřída) - 2 x excellent, 2 x CAC

Bardotte Bertoni Prague (open cl., working cl.) - 2 x excelletn, CAC

We were successful with our progeny too. We have enjoyed great spa weekend :-)

Enzo F. Vives Bohemia (champion cl.) - 2x excellent, CAC, Res. CACIB, Res. CAC

Fréa Vives Bohemia (workin cl., open cl.) - 1 x excellent 2, 1x very good 2

Congrats to all friends!


Wational do show Brno, HD result



This first  exhibition was for us almost traditionally the January "Olomouc" Brno. Here premiered our "special" girl Rebeka and with her we also had Ira, Buba and Édes.

Rebeka z Czarnego dworu (tpuppy class) - very promissing 1 s velmi hezkým posudkem :-)

Buba od Cetinskog vuka (open class) - excellent 1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, National winner, BOB

Dixie z  Héku (champion class) - excellent 1, CAC - She is a CZECH CHAMION!

Kappahegi Édes (intermedium class) - excellent 4

Congrats to all!

Gate Vives Bohemia - HD B/C

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