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We plan puppies for all-round using welsches parents! Confirmation of pregnancy end of 2013!

PF 2014




Hunting season 2013


All our dogs are happy...they do what they wnat to do... :-)



 Thora ups of the south of Europe

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Eric C. Vives Bohemia

Moldavie CAC1 young class: exc 1,BOJ,BOB,BOG 3°
Černá Hora,Makedonie a Cyprus CAC1young class: exc 1,BOJ
7.12. 2013 young class:exc 1,BOJ
Specals shows CAC San Marino a CAC Cyprusyoung class: V1,BOJ,BOB
8.12. 2013
Černá Hora,Makedonie a Cyprus CAC2 young class: V1,BOJ,BOB,BOG 2°
Moldávie CAC2 tř. mladých: V1,BOJ,BOB,BOG 1°!!!

Junior Champion of Moldavia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Cyprus and San Marino!!!


New member of our vizsla familly!

IMG 9350 Our little red-headed bunch unexpectedly grown a new lady. We are honored to introduce a new breeding female, which will now operate in our kennel: Cuba z Tišnovských revírů alias Kony. I think this bitch do not introduce ... her pedigree, exterior and performance results speak for themselves. Kony is temperament and cheerful girl and her examination successes we have already tested in hunting practice ... She did very well. In the spring we plan to mating Kony ... now we can reveal that we go abroad ... more info coming soon. profile Kony here.




Yankee and Berry puppies

IMG 9849 Todayin CHS Eitereiber kennel born six ginger balls. 3 females and 3 males. They all are doing well. Some puppies still waiting to their owners. More info about this link here or on the CHS website



´Mating Yankee a Kara

Kara110 06

In late November mated  Kara and our Yankee. All probably worked out perfectly and we hope that in the near future sono confirm Kara´s pregnancy. More info about this interesting litter here.




Ennie byla nakryta

 IMG 9786
Getting to and from Nitra, we stopped in Brno groom our Ennie (Beruška Avoir du Nez). Noor Twigle surprised us very pleasantly temerament and nature. Mating was absolutely no problem and we hope that everything works out. Mr. Zemánek thank you for the warm welcome and we hope to our contact not end. We could sit and talk for a long time. More info on this working link here. Non-binding reservation or visit puppies possible. Confirmation of pregnancy we'll know after the New Year. Photo Tereza Pelechová.



DoubleCacib Nitra

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This weekend we made a trip to neighbors Slovakia. It was very nice and hold the exhibition as a nice relaxing weekend at the spa with friends was more than pleasant. Results We were also very pleased:

GSP Nord Jokran - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS!

our progeny:
HSP Fréa Vives Bohemia - very promissing 1
HSP Deborah Vives Bohemia - excellent 1, CAC

GSP Nord Jokran - excellent 1, Res. CACIB

our progeny:
vizsla Fréa Vives Bohemia - very promissing
vizsla Deborah Vives Bohemia - excellent 2, Res.CAC


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