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We are expecting litter B of serbian hounds. Reservation possible. More info here.

 14. 9. 2017

Puppy info

3 Hungarian vizslas are inf new homes and we expecting a litter B of serbian hounds. More here.

9. -. 10. 9. 2017

XXIV. Memoriál Prof. Jaroslava Svobody

4 This weekend was the top event of the Club, CACIT allr round test. We could not miss the competition. Beautiful nature, great atmosphere, memorial conditions that really checked the readiness of the dogs and for us the beautiful results of the dogs we showed here.
Dixie z Héku „Ira“ – III.award, 5th place
Enzo F. Vives Bohemia – III.award, 7th place, Best blood track
Jagger Vives Bohemia „Aron“ – III.award, 11th place, The youngest dog at memorial
Photo: Adam Simandel.


2. -3. 9. 2017


Show and working weekend


This weekend we passed autumn test with our drahthhaars Vinnie a Chan (Arys z Ratenických lán). Vinnie - I.award, 2nd place

Arys - I.award, 7th place

At dog show in Serbia our Hakim and vizslas Izrael and Fréa have a succes weeknd. All they have a Serbian champions, CACIB and BOB titles!

Thanks a lot to Klara.



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