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The achievements of our offspring


This weekend, we still went out with our hafans for exams, but unfortunately there is not a day of shining every day .... so this time we did not passed.

But to whom our offspring were successful, from which we receive great news from all sides ...

On the last weekend, our Kassandra and Hades showed up on the autumn test. They both completed in I.award and are a step closer to meeting the breeding conditions. We congratulate the people! Hermes showed up on the blood track test, who finished in I.award and became the overall winner! Congratulations! Last weekend, our Hungarian vizsla Fréa and Štěpánka visited all-round test in Hungary. They won the 1st prize, 3rd place and the title Res.CACT! This is Freya's versatile female from three countries! We are very congratulated and thank Štěpánka for everything ... we are very proud and grateful breeders. This weekend  in Brno was presented aour Gabbana at all-round test, who finished in I.award and is now another versatile breeding female from our breeding, for which we are very happy.

This year was wery good for dachshund Grappa, which in Poland won the CWC 1 and the BOB title This year she managed to finish the Interchampion title and is a champion of six states! In Hungary, our vizsla Gucci showed up, winning the CAC title in the open class on Saturday, and the excellent 4th on Sunday. The Gucci started the Hungarian champions!

We congratulate the people!

Photo by Országos Vizsla Club.


New photo of hound puppies

IMG 7067

We are adding some new pictures of litter B of Serbian hounds. Unfortunately, we were disappointed with the technique and managed to get only a few pictures from the card. Soon we'll add new, up-to-date photos of all the puppies. The pupps have 4 weeks, they are sooo smart, and two dogs and one female are still waiting for their hunting homes.

More information here. Do not hesitate to contact us.

For picture thanks to Klára Bubeníková.



Autumn test - Kronos Vives Bohemia


This Saturday, our Kronos was presented at autumn exams in Klatovy. 

Kronos Vives Bohemia - 293pts., I.award and the overall winner of the tes! Completed breeding conditions and after the formalities he is the new breeding dog in the Czech Republic!

Photo by Jitka Kubatová.



Trip to Lithuania for a bridegroom


After a busy Saturday, when the mistress with part of the pack went to the Svatohubert slut on the Kuks, we quickly swung the car and set off Lithuania as the chosen groom for our Irenka - Haiko.

The cmating went smoothly and we hope to know in a month that we are expecting litter N.

I thank Klára Bubeníková for the company on the way and pictures.

More information about the parents of the planned litter here.


All-round test, OMS Klatovy


This weekend we spent on all-round trials organized by the OMS Klatovy. On these trials, our Nord and Édes kurzhaars and hungarian vizslas Gucci and Ireland were shown.

Nord finished in a nice second place (behind his daughter :-)) and won the Ist prize and 473 points. Édes succeeded in the price II. with 443pts.

Ir and Gucci, with a small boot and limit mark, finished in good points in the 3rd prize! We thank the owners of the dogs we have about two more versatile breeding dogs, and we are very pleased!

For photo thanks to Marketa Prokopova.




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