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Dachshund puppies, mating of our Ria


Bugi is pregnant and small dachshund puppies will born at the midlle of May.More info about this "working line" litter here.

Our kurzhaar Ria was mateing by Golo. Everithing was without problem and we will be happy about the "running" litter in Jun. More info here. Take a reservation. 


Hunting "hound" forest exam and other success

IMG 5145

Pinta od Štěpánského rybníka -  ZVVZ exam - II.award

Dále moc děkujeme za úspěchy, které k nám přichází od našich odchovánků.

English springer spaniel Aregma - at Nitra dog show 2 x CAC, Res. CACIB a CACIB+ BOS and Res. CAC at Club Show. 

Dachshund Grappa - CAJC, BOJ a BOB at Nitra dog show and excellent 2 at National show in Ostrava. 

Very good news - hungarian vizsla Gabbana - HD A :-).




Ria started her season

IMG 1329 German shorthaired pointer Ixa Vlčí hrdlo started her season. During a few days we will go for a mating. More info about this litter is here. 


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